Journal of Financial Planning & Financial Services Review CFP CE Exams

FPA members can earn additional CFP CE credit after reading the award-winning, peer-reviewed Journal of Financial Planning and Financial Services Review. Print versions of the Journal of Financial Planning exams are published at the back of each issue. Financial Services Review exams are available at the back of each digital issue, accessible through the online JFP digital edition or through the JFP app.  To receive credit, members must complete the exam and submit onlineIt typically takes 5-7 business days for these credit hours to be added to your CFP Board account.


Instructions to Access the exams:

1. Ensure you are logged in to
2. Select the exam you would like to take from the drop-down list below, click “Add  Course” and complete the checkout process.

Please note: Members—you will have a zero balance, but please still complete the checkout process to access your exam 

3. Navigate to your FPA Classroom and click on the exam to get started.


PLEASE NOTE: The new test-taking system does not recognize exams already taken on the old system.

Credit for these exams cannot be provided more than once. To ensure that you are not retaking an exam you’ve already completed, please check your FPA Certificate of Completion. 

Journal of Financial Planning Exams