The annuity industry has earned its bad reputation. If you say you "hate all annuities," it's like say you "hate all restaurants." It's dumb and uninformed. Annuities are contracts, so they should only be owned for their contractual guarantees. Stan The Annuity Man will strip away all of annuity sales pitch nonsense, and fully explain how these contractually guaranteed transfer-of-risk strategies can enhance your practice. This is the best presentation you will ever hear on annuities. Be prepared for a brutally factual, in-your-face, educational experience.

Overview: General review of subject from a broad perspective/dive into basic knowledge on a skill or topic. For newer CFP or unfamiliar with subject

Course Information
Course Date:
October 03, 2018
Course Objectives
  • Recognize where annuities fit in a portfolio, and the specific product types that solve for customized client goals
  • Understand specific annuity product types and their benefits and limitations
  • Combat misleading outside annuity sales pitches, advertisments, and seminars targeting your clients
FPA Annual Conference 2018: Annuities - The Good, The Bad, The Brutal Truth
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Stan Haithcock  [ view bio ]
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