In this Journal in the Round, the panel will focus on the next generation financial planner and how the growth of the profession has created an incredible tailwind for placement of graduates. Moderator Hannah Moore, CFP®, and panelists Craig Lemione, director of financial planning at the University of Illinois, Luke Dean, financial planning program director at Utah Valley University, and Nathan Harness, director of financial planning at Texas A&M University, discusses how students and sometimes even the instructors in their programs have a hard time distinguishing the different expectations, cultures and pressures new hires face across varied career paths. As a continuation of their live session at the FPA Annual Conference 2019, they provide insights into career pathways for firm owners looking to hire and new grads seeking to get hired.  

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October 30, 2019 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Journal in the Round: 12 Career Paths in Financial Planning
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Luke Dean, CRC, RFC, CFP  [ view bio ]
Nathan Harness, CFP  [ view bio ]
Craig Lemione, Ph.D., CFP
Hannah Moore, CFP  [ view bio ]
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