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Retreat 2016

With historically low interest rates, we are in an environment that begs us to ask the question Should clients use leverage and leave portfolio dollars invested? Leveraging assets can lead to a potential economic benefit; however, there is also psychological risk, particularly for those carrying debt into retirement. We will explore the use of mortgages during retirement and client satisfaction from both an academic and practical perspective through four theoretically based research articles

Learning Objectives:

Identify both financial and non-financial considerations when counseling a client about mortgage debt in retirement

Recognize how financial and non-financial considerations may effect a clients emotional and financial well-being

Discover how to best bring academic research into practice.

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Course Date:
April 26, 2016
Evaluating Mortgages as a Source of Leverage: Theory & Practice
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Katie Seay
Martin Seay CFP  [ view bio ]
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Financial Planning Association
CFP CE: 1.00
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