Using Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha research, this presentation focuses on helping financial planners quantify the ways to add value for clients through relationship-oriented services that can go beyond market out performance. While this has proven elusive for most investors, the study demonstrates how relationship-oriented value can add about three percent in net returns, depending on a client's circumstances, while also improving client retention. 


Level of Complexity: Overview

Course Information
Course Date:
April 05, 2017
Course Objectives
  • Quantify the relationship-oriented wealth management services outlined in Vanguard's Advisor's Alpha concept
  • Summarize the benefits to planners, including better alignment with client needs and improved client retention
  • Review the more reliable benefits of your client relationships beyond outperformance, which has proved elusive for most investors
Putting a Value on Your Value
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Donald G. Bennyhoff   [ view bio ]
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